Residencia de Estudiantes Los Abedules
C/ Soto de Lezkairu s/n, Pamplona, Spain

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Living and studying in the Campus of the Public University of Navarre

The Los Abedules Residence Hall was inaugurated in the year 2007. It has a total of 254 places as well as various facilities designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. During the admission process, preference is given to students of the Public University of Navarre / Nafarroako Unibertsitate Publikoa, but if places are not filled, students from other centres will be admitted.

The residence hall also offers rooms for daily stays of small groups the whole year round. In summer all its places are for groups and for the general public for stays lasting a few days and/or weeks.

The residence hall will be open all days of the year.

Come and see your student housing in Pamplona

If you want to visit the Los Abedules Residence Hall, you must request an appointment with the head of the residence hall by telephone or electronic mail. Visits should preferably take place from Monday to Friday during office hours. In the event of all rooms being taken, only the common areas may be shown


    New leisure room: renovation of the current TV rooms, which are now to become leisure rooms open to the exterior and with a TV, Wii, billiards, sofas and coffee tables. New fitness room. Renovation of the café with a new meeting room-office, equipped with tables, chairs and a bar equipped with a sink, an oven and a microwave for cooking and eating in groups. Large and comfortable living room with tables and sofas (Entrance hall). “Cyber-corner” with Internet Access. Extension and change of location of the study room with suitable furniture and lighting. New exterior terrace with furniture. Covered outdoor bicycle rack


1. By airplane: the airport of Pamplona - Iruña (Noain) is 6 km from the city. Once in the airport, you can get to the city by taxi, which will cost you about 12 € and will take you 20 minutes, or by bus (number 21), which has a stop in the centre, in the Plaza de la Paz in Pamplona.
2. By bus: there is a bus station in Pamplona-Iruña. Its telephone number is: 948 222 886 and its address is C/ Yanguas y Miranda, n/n.
There is a bus station near the residence hall. Number 11 stops here and then goes to the city centre and to the residence hall. Bus number 1 may be caught at the lecture room building and it connects the residence hall with the Campus of the University of Navarre and the hospitals Virgen del Camino and the Hospital of Navarre.
3. By train: in the website of Renfe: you may consult the timetable of the trains going to Pamplona - Iruña. The address of the station is Plaza de la Estación, 1 and its telephone number is 902 240 202.
4. By car: if you enter the Campus of the UPNA from the Southern entrance (Barcelona, Saragossa, Madrid, Huesca, airport...), it will be most convenient to take the detour to the right, which will first take you to the roundabout of the shopping centre and, if you continue towards the city, to the roundabout of the Rectorate.
If you enter from the West (Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastián, Logroño...) through the Avenida de Navarra –the former Variante Oeste-, once the Avenue is finished and it starts narrowing at its Southern exit, one can see a triple sign indication: Madrid-Zaragoza in the centre, Cordovilla on the right, and Francia-Centro ciudad, on the left. You must take the latter lane and, once you have crossed the flyover from below, go straight on until the roundabout, where there is a sign indicating the Campus of the UPNA, which is in the surrounding area.